ENTREVISTA: Clients Nick and Jo

Jul 03, 2019 Interviews

“You can feel like you have a millionaire lifestyle. You can be on the beach all summer and it costs you nothing.” 

Over a quick coffee we spoke to friendly creative Londoners Nick and Jo about their new picturesque home in Barcelona and why it has been easy to swap England for a view over the Mediterranean.


A 20 minute drive North of Barcelona, you reach Cabrils. A small city next to the Mediteranean sea, Cabrils is surrounded by lush Pine and Oak forests and home to beautiful mountainside villas. From our first meeting with Nick and Jo, it was obvious that they knew exactly what their new home would look like.


Jo: “We loved living in the city and wanted to make the move but didn’t know where to start.”

Nick who’s TV production company often sees him high up on a glacier or deep within the jungle and Jo, a part-time Yoga teacher/ Full-time Marketing Director used Ahead’s Services to alleviate the time consuming, often exhausting process of property hunting to help them find their unique home.

Steven the SEO of Ahead Property first met Nick through their mutual love of cycling.

Ahead Property services helped Nick and Jo to sell their previous property at the right price in order to buy their new home.

Nick and Jo work remotely from Spain however appreciate the simplicity of very convenient transport connections to and from Barcelona when needs be.

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