A unique, refurbished industrial building

What about having your own little building? The ultimate luxury. Your private retreat. We have one available for you. To rent.

Those cute small buildings. The pure Poblenou DNA. They are precious. Everybody wants it but nobody knows how to get one because they never make it to the market. But you, the subscriber, you have access to this jewel.

We have for you an exclusive private building to rent. A place that can be the venue of many things; your office, your showroom, your loft, your workshop, a combination of those. Surprise us.

Fully renovated is an understatement. This place is re-done with love, eye for detail, and commitment to quality. If you know how to value this, this place can be yours.

Two blocks from the seashore, quiet, peaceful, closeby to everything. Simply perfect. 

The features