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Aug 27, 2019 Interviews

Interior Design and Architecture in Barcelona with Founder and Creative director of Abrils Studio

Our business is to do two things; interior projects but also architecture projects. We can transform a house. From the shell of the house to the ultimate detail of the house such as the decoration.

I studied here in Barcelona, in la Salle. (La Salle is one of Barcelona’s top ranking universities)

Firstly, the most important part is to listen. We listen and learn precisely what the client is looking to achieve and then we do a design and implement factors according to this.

Barcelona offers an exciting opportunity to work with clients from all different avenues. Different nationalities have completely different ideas of what they are looking for and depending on the client it varies completely the concept. 

Generally speaking, we intend to transform places from neutrality to modernity however it also depends on what space. 

We look to create spaces with a certain level of balance. Spaces that form a level of colour, texture. Simplicity and calm. A certain level of neutrality, always working to the clients needs.

Design in Barcelona is constantly evolving. There are always new ideas and new concepts that people want. 

It is a very popular place for people to live. Many of our clients both local and foreign are inspired by the city.

More people are looking to design their own home or even chose somebody to help design it which creates more work.

Little by little Barcelona is working towards the same demand on interior design and architecture as bigger cities. 

For me, inspiration comes from travelling. Experiences that you gain from different countries. In Mexico for example the colourfulness of the buildings.

I like to directly see the inspiration in situ. Visiting local landmarks, exceptional buildings, buildings with colour. 

Also I often visit different fairs; 

Maison and object to discover new inspirational objects. The fairs allow people to discover new future ideas and projects. But also Affordable Art Fair and Salon De Mobile are also two fairs I very much enjoy.

We have projects that we are working on which are very exciting. They are renders and structures of what we think is in the future of housing projects. Stay tuned!

AHEAD’s collaboration with Anna’s architecture studio was after matching a buyer with a traditional nineteenth century apartment in Barcelona. This charming apartment which needed updating had high ceilings, was full of natural light and had huge potential.

Anna’s work offers to:

translate imagination into reality by means of an architectural design considering both the interior and exterior space’.

To keep up to date with more of Anna’s team and their work, you can find her website here: Abrils Studio

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