Interview: Fantastic Mr Nilsson

Dec 11, 2019 Interviews

Fantastic Mr. Nilsson is a creative lab for kids & family brands. This creative agency pride themselves on their creation of producing exciting content to enhance their clients brands through storytelling. 

AHEAD first met with the team at Fantastic Mr Nilsson whilst they were looking for an office space in Barcelona. The Fantastic Mr Nilsson team had these specifications – 

– “something quiet but that would inspire their creative agency team, in the heart of the neighbourhood Poblenou.” 

AHEAD listened to the team’s specifications carefully, understood exactly what they were looking for and successfully found them their current office

After the FMN team had settled in we visited them to see how they were finding their new office space. Were they happy? Why Barcelona?

Barcelona is a child-friendly city. It provides an inspiring nest for many businesses focusing on children. It is a very competitive industry and therefore we wanted to find out what techniques Fantastic Mr Nilsson use to stay afloat and what their co-founder considers is the future of children’s brands in general. 

What do you do at Fantastic Mr Nilsson? 

We do consultancy, art direction, styling and copy. Our principal mark is for fashion and children but our varied experience means we can do most things. For example right now we are also working on sunglasses for adults! 

Our experience means that we are very flexible to meet the clients needs but our speciality is in the world of young people. 

How does the process with your clients work? 

We follow a brief. We listen to exactly what the client is looking for. Our experiences mean we are able to think about what would be inspiring for the client and what will work. Depending on the client we create: catalogues, advertorials, editorials, fashion films, tailored made events, storytelling, blogger relations, brand blogging, city guides and lot’s more but making sure the content is current. 

The use of unique environments to make photoshoots and posting interesting content to your web. Would you say Fantastic Mr Nilsson was the first type of creative agency like this? 

We have found that occasionally children’s brands can be a little bit cheesy perhaps. We try to stand out, be different. We concentrate on being engaging, both for children and towards the adult world. We don’t use outdated traditional methods or old-school techniques. It is a children’s brand we are advertising but at the same time it could easily be an adults. 

– Fantastic Mr Nilsson produces elegant material. Check out their engaging Instagram page here for more examples. 

AHEAD think Barcelona is an inviting and secure hub for families with children. Do you think the city of Barcelona helped motivate you to start your brand? 

Yes correct, Barcelona is a great hub for creative children’s agencies. We understand it and therefore we work within it. What better place to find inspiration than from your surroundings.

Plus in Barcelona there are other very successful and fun children’s brands which is inspiring and interesting. Some examples include: Bobo Chose, Tiny Cottons, Little Creative Factory and Milk & biscuits

Barcelona has a very international platform but at the same time is a Mediterranean lifestyle, this makes it different from Berlin, Paris, London etc. We think this shows in our brand and makes us different. We use this to our advantage. 

What are the drawbacks of having a creative children’s industry? 

It is a popular agency but at the same time this industry is competitive. We find that the trend for Spanish people is not to spend lots of money on children’s brands here in Spain. Many people want to buy at a lower price tag. 

Therefore what is the future of your agency in Barcelona? 

The clients we gain from our professional collaborations come from all over – Korea, Japan and America where children’s brands are hugely popular. 

Barcelona also has a huge international community living here which means that often our clients live on nearby! Our brand is absolutely secure here. We are sure that Barcelona is the inspiring city for us but more specifically here in the heart of this neighbourhood, Poblenou. 

Is there anywhere else you would rather be? 

We love the barrio we are in. AHEAD helped us find it and it is an international area. Everything is nearby. There is a huge supportive community feeling here. If we were not in this barrio we would not be anywhere else. I could not imagine myself in any other barrio. 

Not only is this space that you (AHEAD) found us completely perfect for us, it is a luxury to be here we are very thankful for our creative neighbourhood. 

We wanted to be in Poblenou and nowhere else. 

Fantastic Mr Nilsson’s (FNM) head office is situated within an enclosed courtyard, over two levels. It is flooded with natural daylight and away from the noise of the street but right in the heart of their desired neighbourhood, Poblenou

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