Interview: Vitra

Feb 12, 2020 Interviews

Vitra is an innovative Swiss company with a huge reputation.

Dedicated to sustainably improving the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of great design, they work with everyone from designers to architects, relentlessly studying trends in order to create high quality lasting products and relationships that tell a story. 

In early 2019 Vitra’s Barcelona branch chose to move their team to Montoya, a coworking space AHEAD shares with Vitra in Barcelona’s Poblenou neighbourhood.

Surrounding themselves with fellow creative companies and entrepreneurs at the co working space, AHEAD spoke to Vitra’s Barcelona representative Santi about Vitra’s innovative business model, their successful design approach and their drive to create concepts that will be useful for the future.

Acknowledgements: Santiago Alorda, Sales and Marketing Manager of Vitra Barcelona. Coworking Pasaje Montoya

Santiago Alorda: We are Vitra Barcelona, we are a small arm of Vitra España because Vitra spain is divided into geographical areas within spain due to the size of the country. Spain’s main store is in Madrid and the global central base of Vitra is in Switzerland.

My role in Barcelona is of the sales in the northeast. Myself and my team promote vitra from Barcelona. 

What do you consider are the core values important to Vitra?

The concept of the business is surrounding the idea behind Eames. There are three founding pillars to Vitra – the quality of the product itself, the emotional concept and the overall quality of the design.

The culture of Vitra has always been to create sustainable products that have long durability and can be used for many different purposes, from offices to homes.

Do you have returning customers because of these underlying  three pillars of ethical values? 

There are many companies that have had our products for over 20 years. 

Our products are successfully multi-functional, you can have them in an office, hotel, at home, or a restaurant.

What are Vitra’s aims for the new year? 

In 2020, we are moving with the times, we are working to humanise the office, to facilitate it and for everything to be more mobile. Offices now are even more international and multicultural, diverse teams working collaboratively or sharing spaces. 

What could you describe as the unique values of Vitra? Perhaps different from competitive brands. 

Vitra focuses mostly on the conceptual side. The lifecycle of our product is to listen carefully to our clients needs. We analyse their services, we understand how they work and who they communicate with in order to create a lasting product.

We dedicate a lot of time to understand the objectives of the companies we are working with and the space or project we are designing.

There’s a thin line between public and private space, and offices, everything is mixed. 

Nowadays, we want to create an office that’s more humane, where you feel that you can be productive, and are at ease. 

Why did Vitra’s Barcelona office choose to move to a co-working space?

We changed to a co-working space in order to work in a lively environment, and inspire each other surrounded by fellow professionals whilst sharing ideas which enrich all of us.

We have created a ‘campus’ feel, a community.

Barcelona is a very creative place, inspiring and ideal to work in with many business opportunities.

Furniture: Vitra
Photos: Salva López
Coworking: Pasaje Montoya


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