Entrevista: Melisa and Guilerme

Jul 26, 2019 Interviews

“I can sell my scooter and buy a bicycle.”

We took a stroll with first-time property home owners Melisa and Guilherme. From living in Portugal, we wanted to know why they chose to relocate to Barcelona and more specifically to the district of Poblenou.

AHEAD’s Property search began: 


Poblenou, Catalan for ‘New-Village’ is one of the most sought after area in Barcelona and is where these clients knew they wanted to buy their first-home.

The industrial heritage of Poblenou has been adapted to make it feel just the right mix of Mediterranean-Contemporary City living with the proximity to the outdoors lifestyle; the sandy beaches, parks and picturesque tree-lined streets.

Alongside this, the ample amounts of buzzing restaurants, shops and bars. All of this is met with the growing ample amounts of job opportunities and a welcoming community makes it arguably Barcelona’s most sought-after neighbourhood.

Hello, Welcome Melisa and Guilherme, can you tell us a little bit about your background? 

Melisa: Hello, my name is Melisa. I’m Guilherme. I, Melissa am Argentinian / Portuguese, Guilherme is Portuguese.

We came to Barcelona four years ago for new work opportunities.

Why did you chose the area of Poblenou in Barcelona? 

We work in this area and we began to familiarise ourselves with the neighbourhood. It had the impression of being picturesque and relaxed but at the same time more modern with lots of opportunities.

Quite simply, it seemed like a trustworthy investment. 

Poblenou was a neighbourhood that increasingly seemed to ‘have it all’ – a balance, of course that we will discover more.

What made you move to Barcelona?

We were living in Portugal before moving to Barcelona. We moved to Barcelona four years ago for work reasons.

Where were you living in Barcelona before you started looking for a property to buy? 

We were renting a flat in Poble Sec for a year but we knew we wanted to move to Poblenou.

Why did you decide to buy a property in Poblenou?

We work in Poblenou and we love the neighbourhood and knew that it would only increase in value. We found the local area in Poblenou a little more modest, less touristic and with lots of business opportunities. We decided it was a great investment area.

Why did you use AHEAD’s Property Services instead of finding the property online yourselves?

The truth is that it cost us quite a lot of time! Time we didn’t have. After over a year of looking we decided to stop. 

You try to take advantage of what you have seen online but by the time we would go to see an apartment, the apartments have already been sold. Either this, or you do not have the time to monitor what is online and you miss opportunities. 

How did you get to know about AHEAD Services?

We were recommended AHEAD. Myself and Guilherme met with the team and after only one meeting we knew they understood exactly what we were looking for. The service was ideal.

Additionally not being from Spain we were unsure the exact processes of banks and lawyers, the investigation of the building regulations more specifically the whole process. 

The viewing was on a Thursday, by Friday we had decided the apartment was ours and by the following week we had signed the deposit. Then we had the keys.

How was the first meeting? 

We felt very comfortable and well informed. We simply told them what we were looking for and our budget.

It went really well! Almost one year of looking without any success and within one month we had signed.

It’s true, we’re happy with the property match service.

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