Our Client was looking for a property, not only to live in but also with a high-yield return. They knew that at some stage they would want to rent it out. Most importantly the house would need to evoke inspiration as the intention was to make it the artistic open-space of their family.

One thing was also clear to the family – They wanted it to be in the creative heart of the city: Poblenou. 

The Ahead team got to work and found an extraordinary place, which granted the family all their wishes. In the heart of Poblenou Ahead found a luminous space with natural clarity and was totally versatile to meet the needs of the family’s creativity.

The new home, a 180m2 were dispersed in an old industrial workshop, with large windows that turned the space into a diaphanous environment. In addition, the industrial style of this old factory was reflected in the elevators and fire escapes, thus resembling a Brooklyn loft. 

Finally in collaboration with Jordi & Sky architects and interior design studio they dedicated themselves to customising the space exactly as they wanted, hand in hand with the Ahead team.

Today the family enjoys their spacious loft conversion which exactly meets the needs of what they set out to achieve – A blank canvas in Poblenou.

Photos courtesy of: Salva Lopez


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