A creative couple were looking to change their lifestyle. Until now, they lived in a modern building but were looking to find a new home they could personalise. They loved the industrial heritage of the Poblenou neighbourhood and knew that they wanted a home there.

To do this, they contacted with Ahead, looking for a place that would maintain the essence and the architecture of the neighbourhood and provide them with a factory environment, in accordance with what they envisaged. 


The result was totally accurate. Currently, the couple enjoys an exclusive penthouse, in the purest loft style, on Zamora Street.

It is an industrial building, with an authentic freight elevator, in a block where they coexist with companies from the textile and design sector. The space is divided into 175m2 diaphanous and has huge windows that connect the interior of the building with a summer terrace. The exterior offers exceptional views, the entire waterfront of the city of Barcelona is at their feet. In addition, natural light permeates the floor throughout the day. 

If you want to know more about this extraordinary project, have a look at the result.

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